Blue Prism is a powerful tool for business application development and has the potential to save your organization a lot of money by automating existing processes. Β 

Blue Prism enables you to make more intelligent decisions by allowing you to understand the behavior of the business and automatically identify issues or change requirements that result in poor system behavior. Β 

Here are my top 5 reasons to learn Blue Prism :

1. Ease of Use

Blue Prism is easy to use and can be integrated easily with other tools and programming languages.

2. Flexibility

Blue Prism is a tool to support any type of system. It gives you the flexibility to create any type of program and then deploys it on any platform.

3. Easy Installation

Once you start to create a solution with Blue Prism, you can add and change the elements of the solution easily. No need to change the code to support changes in the business, and no need to change the environment to support your change.

4. Intuitive

Blue Prism is a tool to easily create intelligent applications, not just to create automation. Because it has so many features and functions, Blue Prism is intuitive to work with. You can create any type of solution you want with only a little effort.

5. Modular Design.

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